Whether you are a construction worker, auto mechanic, or even a janitor, there are several safety glasses that you may want to consider. One option is the Lift Strobe Safety Glasses. These glasses are lightweight and have a nylon frame and polycarbonate lenses. They have a low profile and are ANSI Z87.1 impact-rated. They are available at Timothy’s Toolbox.
Camo frame/yellow lens

Designed for small-to-medium faces, Lift strobe safety glasses feature a low-profile frame, optically correct polycarbonate lenses, and superior impact protection. The safety glass also comes with a microfiber soft drawstring pouch.

Lift safety glasses are available in four different styles: the Lift ESR-12CFLTB, the Lift ESR-12CFLTB with Camo Frame, the Lift ESR-12CFLTB Lens Yellow, and the Lift ESR-12CFLTB Lens Red. All three come with microfiber soft drawstring pouches. The ESR-12CFLTB is a lightweight, low-profile safety glass. Its lenses are optically correct polycarbonate lenses and its frame is made from nylon or camo frame. The Lift ESR-12CFLTB Lens Yellow has a yellow lens, while the Lift ESR-12CFLTB Lens Camo Frame has a camo frame. These safety glasses also come with 100 rubber O-ring switch dampeners.

The Lift ESR-12CFLTB is the most popular style of the Lift Safety Strobe. It comes with a nylon or camo frame and a yellow lens. The Lift ESR-12CFLTB is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable safety glass.
Hex key/allen key necklace

Designed to be durable, this Strobe has a Nylon frame and a polycarbonate lens. It features 100 rubber O-ring switch dampeners. It’s also got a contemporary round lever handle. It even meets ANSI Z87.1 impact ratings.

The hex key isn’t pictured, but it’s a neat design. This necklace is a clever layering piece, and the initial letter is adjustable. It’s also got a nice touch with a small glass bead in the middle. This is the perfect gift for a hard-working mom or dad, or even a friend. And at only $13.99, it’s one of the lowest prices you’ll find. Whether found a Strobe Sport here looking for a birthday gift or something to add to your own collection, you’ll be happy with your choice. And because it’s from Caribou Seed, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a quality product at a great price.

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